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Northern Colorado Area Plan Ault to Cloverly Transmission Project

Public Outreach

Project Timeline

Xcel Energy is reaching out to the public in communities crossed by the project area to inform you of construction progress and help answer questions. Please visit this website to view videos about the project, review answers to frequently asked questions, and read up-to-date project information. Additionally, during construction, Xcel Energy will periodically email newsletters and/or project updates to landowners on the email list. Click here to join the email list.

Xcel Energy maintains a telephone information line (888.678.7640) and email address (NORTHERNCOLORADO@XCELENERGY.COM) to receive questions and comments.

Xcel NCAP Project Infographic

Project Communications

Xcel Energy developed a comprehensive planning process that integrated public outreach and community meetings to gain public input for consideration in the planning process. A Community Working Group (CWG) was established, comprised of local citizens with diverse interests, to work with the project team throughout the planning studies.

The Xcel Energy project team reviewed public comments, land uses and environmental characteristics of the study area and developed a planning approach that considered constraints and opportunities for siting the new Collins Street Substation and routing the new 230-kV transmission line from the WAPA Ault Substation to Cloverly Tap.

Videos and materials from the public Open House meetings are available below in the "Public Open Houses and Community Working Group" accordion. Historic public outreach activities are captured in the below downloadable timeline graphic.

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Close Public Outreach Timeline
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